Nefarian TRASHED!

With 5 people from the previous kill dating back to February 11th 2006. Just over 5 Years later DUMPSTER has taken down Nefarian yet again! Current normal mode content TRASHED!

Al'Akir and Cho'Gall TRASHED!

Chimaeron TRASHED!

Some Pro Ret Paladin showed up and destroyed the shit out Chimaeron, some others assisted him.

Atramedes & Council

Yayyy school making it impossible to raid. Anyways, DUMPSTER (sans me) killed Council on Monday, and Atramedes Thursday.

Worst. Fight. Ever.

Maloriak died. Horrible fucking fight. Holy shit.

Fuck you Chinax and Runtall. <3

Today we went to Blackwing Decent with only 9 people and killed Magmaw on the third attempt (yeah, you can count, I'll wait. There's 9 people). Afterwards, we went and took care of the Omnotron Defense System. Maloriak will be dying very, very soon, as well.

"Did you explode in his mouth?"

Went to Bastion of Twilight, killed the Twin Drakes (Valiona and Theralion). Then we went to Blackwing Decent and killed the most epic boss of them all, the twin Drakonoid trash mobs before Magmaw!

Move bitch, get out da way~

First "official" raid day for the expansion. We got Halfus down and Valiona & Theralion will definitely be dying our first try on our next raid.

Ohhai. We're baaaack.

So after we got burnt out and had poor attendance for the rest of ICC, we took a break, and now we're back. We're on Arthas Alliance (we'll fix the banner!) and we're back to doing 10 mans. We're not gonna schedule anything until after New Years, but we happened to have 10 people online, so we figured "what the hell" and ran a raid. We killed Conclave in the Throne of Four Winds. Pretty easy fight. We'll be back with more exciting updates very soon. :)

ICC Day 1: See you in 28 days!

Well, we got to the instance, and killed everything that was released. Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, the alliance gunship, and Deathbringer Saurfang were all masacred tonight. And since we're , we can't take proper killshots, so in the following there is (1) attempt at a kill-screenshot, (1) achievement spam showing we did shit, and (2) random awesome shots.

Months behind. Firefighter.

ToC and ToGC gear made this a little easier. 4 Shot that suicidal robot.

ToGC Complete. Time to return to Ulduar.

After struggling for a few raids with poor attendance, we were finally able to put some time in, and that is all she wrote for ToGC. Anub'arak Hard down, off to Ulduar once again.

4 Down, 1 to go.

Guess this place wasn't as pooorly tuned as we first thought, Twins down. Hoping for better attendance next week.

ToGC may cause increased blood pressure.

Heroic Lord Jaraxxus and Heroic Faction Champions went down. After a 7% and 2% wipe, we finally got Jaraxxus down. It's actually very well tuned.

Faction champions on the other hand... Way annoying.

13 minutes of new content, 2 and a half hours of Ulduar

So Lord Trashmob Jaraxxus died last night. On the first attempt. It was really easy.


So we had a bunch of people on today (Tuesday, an off night), so we decided to give the new instance a run. We got the first three bosses down within an hour and a half of attempts, with no strategies. GG?

Oh, and nice little progress hindering device Blizzard implemented there.

Comcast is the worst company on this planet.

And at the closing of this epic raid week, we disposed of General Vezax's hardmode. Only hardmodes remaining are Freya+3, Mimiron, and all forms of Yogg's.

We will begin working on Mimiron and Freya this coming week, so expect many updates soon!

"I don't know, Markrid probably said something stupid."

Freya with two adds went down relatively smoothly tonight. In addition, we are VERY VERY close to getting General Vezax hardmode down. Mimiron and Freya+3 will be next on our chopping block. We're on a roll, and we ain't stopping!

Tree Achievements in one night!

We had a fantastic raid tonight, downing three new hard modes: Flame Leviathan, Hodir, Thorim!
Pay close attention to who's alive in the Flame Leviathan Screenshot! [blame Canada?]

"Is the frost resist to avoid the lightning?" ~ Markrid

A bit of a late update, but we killed Flame Leviathan with 3 towers on Wednesday.

"Stupid downs wolves"

We attempted Flame Leviathan with 4 towers... we will get it very soon. In the meantime, Flame Leviathan with 2 towers went down with ease.

Following that, we easily downed the Assembly of Iron by leaving Steelbreaker for last. Nice little challenge added to the fight.

Last, but certainly not least, we watched holograms of a mini-Mimiron dance around. Fantastic end to a great raid night.

[insert 'quote of the night' here] -.-

So, that whore Sara who was screaming about tenticle rape? Yea, we raped her on the second try of the night. Well, I shouldn't say "we", because I wasn't here tonight. Good job, though! Quite the "Welcome Back" party, eh Aromit? Haha.

Also, 25-man Flame Leviathan was killed with 10 people, but a screenshot was apparently not taken. Oh well.

"It's not gay 'till the balls touch!" ~ Kiteef

So we walked into Ulduar and said "Hey, lets try a hardmode or something." So, we did. Ignis's hardmode (lol?) was done, XT-002's hardmode was quickly wiped out, and Freya with one add was more annoying than entertaining. We were a few seconds short of Hodir's hardmode, so expect more of these very soon. Also, Yogg is dying Sunday Monday, so stay tuned.

"I like how everyone just agreed that I was retarded."

I (Zephean) said that quote, by the way. Couldn't fit it on the headline. But yea. I'm a retard.
General Vezax died. After we fixed our strat he came down like the big baby he was. Yoggy is sure to die soon.

"Are you black?"

Mimiron died tonight. Don't talk about it. Annoying encounter. What's beyond the doorway? Stay tuned to find out!

"I paniced and strafed into all the mines" ~ Aromit

Ignis and Thorim died tonight. Got to phase 3 on Mirmiron, so he will definitely die tomorrow.

Ulduar Progress -- 8/14 [First Reset]

Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Deconstructor XT-002, Kologarn, the Assembly of Iron, Auriaya, Freya, and Hodir have all been TRASHED! Definitely expect more to come very soon. Also, Emalon met his demise

DUMPSTER Leaves Mannoroth

After only a few short months Mannoroth became an unbearable server to play on with queues into the 1000s, lag and crashes. A free Transfer has saved us, here we come Tortheldrin.

Sartharion with Tenebron TRASHED!

A fun twist, which makes it not a snooze fest. Hoping to go for 2 drakes soon.

Malygos TRASHED! Current Wrath Content Cleared!

And we are off to farming content for the next few months! What a fun and rewarding fight.

Kel'thuzad TRASHED! Naxxramas Cleared!

15 Down in a single night, Kel'thuzad took 2 total attempts after 2 raids. Great work. Malygos up next!

Sapphiron and 13 others TRASHED!

14 Down in 2 Nights, Good Job Guys. Only Kel'thuzad to go and then onwards to Malygos.

Sartharion Trashed!

2 Weeks after release we manage to get enough people online for an impromptu raid. 2 Attempts in and down he went. First Naxxramas scheduled for more screenshots.

[Fiery Warhorse's Reins]

After running Karazhan weekly since its release on Alliance all it took was rerolling and running Karazhan twice. trashes Karazhan again and scores a sick mount. Gratz Chinax.

DUMPSTER is formed!

As of June 2008 the guild has been established on the US ~ Mannoroth realm. Bringing back a lot of former guildies back together along with some new additions. Looking forward to some fun time leveling and gearing up prior to Wrath in which we plan to knock out all of the 10 man versions of things and having fun in this game once again.